Google URLs for Different Countries

Google URLs for Different Countries
Those who know me are aware of the fact that I like messing with international markets. Now, Google may or may not be the search engine of choice for non-English speaking markets (what we know about Google’s share of the search market is mainly true about the English-speaking market – elsewhere results may differ), but it certainly helps to rank in Google for those markets you want to pursue. I am not going to go into details on what it takes to rank in those country-specific Googles in this post – this is something that deserves a separate one. What this post is about is where people go to when they use Google in different countries (or what their ISP sends them to, or otherwise – in any case, there are plenty of uses for this info and you will find one too, I am sure).
What made me do this post is the fact that when I tried to find a list of all the Google URLs in different countries I was unable to locate one. All I could get was  this post by Neil Patel which is all good info and I can only imagine how long it took him to collect it all but his purpose was different from mine, namely find ALL domains that belong to Google. In Google itself, I have found this list of supported languages and countries for internationalized Google Gadgets – and that’s it. So I had to complile my own list of Google URLs. I came up with 62 URLs so far. Here it goes:

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